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  Drug Strength Pet Quantity & Price
Sentinel Brown (Up to 4.5kg) 2.3/46mg Dog
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Sentinel Green (6-11kg) 5.75/115mg Dog
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Sentinel White (23-45kg) 23/460mg Dog
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Sentinel Yellow (12-22kg) 11.5/230mg Dog
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Sofracort Eye/Ear Drops N/A
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Sofracort Eye/Ear Oint N/A
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Sulcrate Plus 1gm/5ml All
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Sulcrate Tabs All
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Sulfatrim 400MG/80MG Dog/Cat
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Surolan Ear Drops Dog/Cat
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Synotic Otic Drops N/A
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Synovi MSM Equine Granules - OTC Horse
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Synovi MSM Tabs - OTC N/A
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Synthroid 200mcg Dog/Cat
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Synthroid 50mcg Dog/Cat
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Click the First letter of the prescription drug s to browse all prescription drugs starting with that letter.
For example- To browse to Advantage click " A "


Enter the name or partial name and the system will look for matching pet medications.

Entering " adv " will return " Advantage "

Pet Meds

Pet medications: we offer many of, if not more then the items you can find at your local veterinary clinic, but much cheaper. From fleas to heart worm we've got you covered. We have pet medications online for cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, hamsters, gerbals and most other pets. Using our easy to navigate store with the lowest prices.

All the pet medication we offer goes through the same rigerous testing and adhere to the same high standards that we use with our discount online pharmacy. Use our Canadian pharmacy to save money on your pet's medications today.

Top selling pet meds quicklinks:




Advantage for cats and dogs.
Rimadyl for dogs.
Program for cats and dogs.
Cosequin for cats and dogs.