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  Drug Strength Quantity & Price
Nabumetone 500mg
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Nabumetone 750mg
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Nadolol 160mg
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Nadolol 40mg
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Nadolol 80mg
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Nalcrom 100MG
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Namenda 10MG
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Naprosyn EC 375mg
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Naprosyn EC 500MG
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Naproxen 250mg
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Naproxen 375mg
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Naproxen 500mg
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Naproxen 125MG
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Naproxen Ec 250mg
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Naproxen Ec 375mg
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Naproxen Ec 500mg
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Narosyn E 500mg
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Nasacort Aq 55mcg
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Nasonex Ns 50mcg
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Navane 10MG
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* Medications with sign next to it are generic products from the USA.


Click the First letter of the prescription drug s to browse all prescription drugs starting with that letter.
For example- To browse to Lipitor click " L "


Enter the name or partial name and the system will look for matching prescription drugs.

Entering " pax " will return " paxil "
Entering " pro " will return " lexapro " as well as " protonix "

If this is your first time visiting our Canada Pharmacy site, you will be amazed at incredible savings we have to offer on Canadian Drugs and international drugs. We are constantly lowering our prices across the board, offer amazing specials on Canada Drugs and international drugs and are adding new products to our already huge selection of meds. Be sure to book mark this page and come back soon.

Prescription Drugs

Canadian and International Drugs

The first time you use our Canada Pharmacy to order your prescription drugs to stay in accordance with Canadian law, you must register your prescription with our online pharmacy so we can rewrite it as a Canadian prescription. We have a registration process in place to protect your safety and the legal responsibility of Canadian Pharmacy Choice and we make sure the prescription drugs we deliver are safe and legal. Here is the outline of a simple five step process for registering a new prescription with our Canada pharmacy.

  1. Choose your prescription drugs from the online catalogue of Canadian and International drugs, and add them to our shopping cart.

  2. When you are ready to purchase your Canadian drugs (or international drugs), you will be asked to create a user account. If you already have an online pharmacy user account for other prescription drugs with us - login to skip this step and go to step 4 to send in your Canadian drugs prescription to our offices.

  3. Follow the steps by filling out our brief questionnaire.

  4. Fax or mail your US prescription from your physician.

  5. Your US prescription order will be reviewed and re-written by a Canadian doctor at our offices and your prescription drugs will be dispensed by our Canada Pharmacy Choice facilities.

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