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Click the First letter of the prescription drug s to browse all prescription drugs starting with that letter.
For example- To browse to Lipitor click " L "


Enter the name or partial name and the system will look for matching prescription drugs.

Entering " pax " will return " paxil "
Entering " pro " will return " lexapro " as well as " protonix "

If this is your first time visiting our Canada Pharmacy site, you will be amazed at incredible savings we have to offer on Canadian Drugs and international drugs. We are constantly lowering our prices across the board, offer amazing specials on Canada Drugs and international drugs and are adding new products to our already huge selection of meds. Be sure to book mark this page and come back soon.

Product Categories

 Alcohol, Peroxides, Chemicals As Home Remedies
119 Products
 Analgesic External
88 Products
 Analgesic Internal
275 Products
 Antacids, Liquid
28 Products
 Antacids, Other
132 Products
 Asthma Devices
36 Products
 Baby Care
2 Products
 Baby Care Remedy
32 Products
 Cold - Allergy
76 Products
 Cold - Cough And Cold Liquids
152 Products
 Cold - Nasal Drops And Spray
53 Products
 Cold - Rubs, Inhalants, Lozenges
124 Products
 Cold - Sinus Remedies
25 Products
 Cold - Tablets, Capsules And Suppositories
74 Products
 Deodorants - All Deodorants Except Sticks
3 Products
 Diet - Sugar And Salt Substitutes
21 Products
 Ear Preparations
14 Products
 Eye Preparations And Miscellaneous Items
104 Products
 Family Planning - Condoms
109 Products
 Family Planning - Pregnancy Tests
26 Products
 Feminie Vaginal Jelly And Cream For Contraception
57 Products
 First Aid Dressings
3 Products
 First Aid Treatments
152 Products
 Foot Products
46 Products
 Hair Shampoo - Medicated
87 Products
 Hemorrhoid Preparation
24 Products
 Hhc - Braces / Supports
211 Products
 Hhc - Diabetes And Diagnostic Tests
216 Products
 Hhc - Diagnostics Devices
132 Products
 Hhc - Mobility
30 Products
 Hhc - Ostomy
55 Products
 Hhc - Patient Aids
175 Products
 Hhc - Respiratory
68 Products
 Hhc - Wound Management
2 Products
 Laxative, Anti-diarrhea; Tablets, Liquids And Caps
195 Products
 Laxatives Others
45 Products
 Other Non-rx Brand
14 Products
 Other Non-rx Generic
5 Products
 Packaged Remedies - Liquids, Ointments, Creams
71 Products
 Packaged Remedies - Pills,powders,infusion
679 Products
 Skincare - Medications For Skin Disease And Acne
2 Products
 Smoking Cessations
33 Products
 Specialty Pharmaceutical Services Non Rx Brand
1 Products
 Vaccine Non-rx National Brand
1 Products
 Vitamins - Natural
162 Products
 Vitamins Liquid And Ampoules
33 Products
 Vitamins Tablets, Caps And Powders
442 Products
 Warts Preparation
28 Products