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The Internet and e-commerce businesses are thriving again. A Forrester Research report calculated that online retail sales exceeded $200 billion in 2006 and are growing at a rate several times faster than overall retail growth. As the Internet and e-commerce continue to expand and develop, companies doing business online face a host of novel legal challenges. 

Our experience comes from working with some of the Internet's foremost pioneers. We also represent more traditional companies that are leaders in developing e-commerce capabilities. Using the experience acquired from these representations, we:

  • Identify and resolve groundbreaking legal issues ranging from data protection and privacy to tax and jurisdiction;
  • Guide start-up clients through the basics of business formation, financing, content regulation and Web site management;
  • Help clients procure, protect and deploy their intellectual property - for many businesses their most valuable assets; and
  • Provide legal solutions involving encryption, multijurisdiction product offerings and domain name registration.

The growth of the Internet and e-commerce has been accompanied by an ongoing shakeout as companies define and refine their competitive niche. We help them respond through redeployment of key intellectual properties and more traditional corporate solutions, including mergers and acquisitions.

As a further service to our clients, our attorneys regularly post to Perkins Coie's blog, The blog not only offers a forum for our attorneys to share their insights on e-commerce and Internet-law related issues, but is also a compilation of cases designed to bookmark, collate and monitor important developments in Internet law, including cases that have significant implications for Internet legal issues.